Fertility care

If you are suffering from infertility problems then you will know how much dreadful these issues can get. It will affect your relationship and will put you under severe stress. In such a scenario, you will be delighted to know that you can get treated from your infertility problems successfully. There are several treatments through which you can get treated from the dreadful infertility problem. Artificial insemination, assisted reproductive technology, ovulation induction, IVF is just some of the ways you can get cured of your infertility issues.

These treatments can be highly complex and without expert assistance, you may not have the desired results that you were looking for. That is why it is important to go to an expert doctor for infertility care. If you are looking for such a person who can treat your infertility problem properly then you have to book your appointment as soon as possible with DR. Dhruba Ray.

DR. Dhruba Ray has 22 years of experience in providing pregnancy and infertility care to her patients. She is one of the well-known names among the gynaecologists in Kolkata. So, if you want to get treated properly from your infertility problem, contact DR. Dhruba Ray as soon as possible.


Keeping a healthy weight and following a healthy lifestyle can be helpful for both men and women with infertility. Both male and female should stop the habits of smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs.

Depending on the type of therapy recommended by the doctor, the female partner may or may not need to establish care with a female fertility specialist. Typically if the recommended procedures include insemination or IVF, then the female partner will need to establish care with the female specialist.

Injectable fertility drugs can be used with a well-experienced doctor who can track your response with blood tests and ultrasound. If too many follicles are seen to be developing, then stop using medicines. If you and your doctor work together with drugs properly then the safety of fertility drugs and the likelihood of pregnancy can be enhanced.

Depending on the specific circumstances the doctor may suggest intrauterine insemination before moving on to ART like IVF. Sometimes they suggest directly for IVF depending on the age, diagnosis and financial status.

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